Watch Priya’s journey towards an Automation Engineer.

At Automation School® , we provide hands-on programming training geared towards experienced Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts and QA Engineers  that have little or no coding experience. We take pride in our relatively comprehensive course work that includes both Selenium UI + REST API Test and Mobile Automation, providing great value for your investment in your career skills. As part of the curriculum, you will be coding from Day 1 in order to improve your automation skills rapidly.

We are currently enrolling students in the Selenium UI + API Test Automation course.

Do less manual testing!

“The level of individual attention given is amazing due to a smaller class size. And all questions even during the week is addressed instantaneously. I would 100% recommend this school. ”

Happy QA Analyst to Automation Engineer

“This is finally The school where I am able to learn coding without feeling upset and giving up. Kiran’s approach to teaching is very unique, he is very passionate about it, yet is very patient, he explains everything to the dot by making very interesting real-life analogies. I would recommend this school to anyone …”

Do more automated testing!

Great course to learn about test automation, Javascript, and coding fundamentals. Instructor is knowledgeable in the field and passionate about teaching. Highly recommended! ”

Annie Chen, Sr. QA Engineer

Great course to enter into the testing automation sector. The course also included lots of hands on projects. The instructor is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. ”

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