Our Mission

To help professional QA Analysts acquire the skills to perform test automation, and to advance QA automation as a well-respected software engineering discipline.

Automation School Objectives

  1. Teach test automation techniques to QA Analysts through Automation School’s custom-designed, gentle-paced curriculum specifically created for QA Analysts.
  2. Emphasize hands-on programming, project work by keeping the theoretical knowledge to a necessary minimum.
  3. Provide our students with progressively challenging programming course work of increasing real-world on-the-job complexity level.
  4. Deliver regular, meaningful feedback to the students about the progress in their Automation coding skills thru one-on-one assessments via periodic exercises, evaluations and project work.
  5. Focus on teaching how to apply the best practices, design and architectural patterns of the core software engineering domain to the specialized field of QA Automation, helping to drive up the ROI on Automation by keeping its maintenance overhead low.
  6. Strive to help our students in their quest for a successful career as an Automation Engineer.
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