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Selenium UI Automation or API Test Automation Training For QA Analysts – What to do first?


The Short Answer: Start with API Test Automation training Note: The term API is synonymous with REST API a.k.a. RESTful webservice. For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on REST APIs only. (We won’t mention SOAP based Webservices again!) Scope of this article or some context around the information provided in here: At Automation School®, one of the first things QA professionals — usually very experienced at manual testing but with limited coding skills — ask us when they first talk to us is: How can I start learning “Selenium / Java automation”? What comes out of our ensuing discussion with them and our general advice to them is summarized as [...]

Selenium UI Automation or API Test Automation Training For QA Analysts – What to do first?2018-12-01T17:00:27-08:00

Geb + Spock : Best of breed UI Automation


UI Automation with Geb & Spock : Introduction — Part 1 Learn Geb + Spock : The best of breed solution for all your UI automation needs If you are starting a new UI automation project for your web application, and have developer-grade test engineers on your team, look no further than Geb + Spock! In this tutorial, we will share the code to a fully functional Geb + Spock example with all the best practices. Let’s start with some high-level information first. Say Hello to Geb Geb is a Groovy-based browser automation solution which : helps you write robust, maintainable, and reusable browser automation [...]

Geb + Spock : Best of breed UI Automation2018-08-15T15:48:33-08:00

GIT – Super basic primer for beginners (part 1)


Scope and Objectives In this article, let's take a look at the basics of GIT - remote vs local, clone, commit, push & pull, pull request & approve/merge pull requests. If you don't understand 100% of this article, it is okay as this article is only meant as a high -level visual introduction of various GIT commands/activities: git clone git commit git push git pull request git approve and merge a pull request git pull Intended Audience This article is intended for beginner developers or QA automation engineers who have little or no prior knowledge of GIT. What's a GIT repository [...]

GIT – Super basic primer for beginners (part 1)2018-09-22T17:15:34-08:00