Project Description

“The class is very well structured to learn a lot, very quickly… The coursework is very current and complete compared to other courses I looked at. The class was very reasonably priced and no secret add ons… I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve or learn automation skills for their current or future jobs.”

Course materials are very thorough and easy to understand and we can always go back to the video classes to revise … [T]here is individual attention.”

Aarthy Surya, QA Analyst

“This is finally The school where I am able to learn coding without feeling upset and giving up. Kiran’s approach to teaching is very unique, he is very passionate about it, yet is very patient, he explains everything to the dot by making very interesting real-life analogies. I would recommend this school to anyone …”

Course Information – Next Batch Starting Soon

High-level Topics covered include :

  • Part 1 – JavaScript/Python
    • Source Code Control Using GIT
    • Variables, Assignment
    • Literals, Operators, Basic Control Flow
    • Advanced Operators, Control Flow with Loops
    • Functions, Return values, Parameters
    • Arrays and Objects
    • Loops with Arrays, Sorting
    • Arrays of Objects, Nested Objects, String / Array Classes Reference
    • Scope, Let vs Var, Multi-dimensional Arrays
    • JSON
    • Recursion, Try-Catch
    • Regular Expressions
  • Part 2 – REST / GraphQL API Development / Test Automation
    • REST API Fundamentals
    • REST / HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
    • GraphQL API Fundamentals
    • Basics of Node JS
    • Develop REST APIs in NodeJS to understand the concepts by hands-on coding
    • Learn to use Postman / Newman for API testing
    • Iteratively do the following using various REST APIs provided by Automation School and/or other public REST APIs :
      • Using the provided API documentation, come up with the API Requests
      • Write Automated API tests in JavaScript using Postman to check the API responses
      • Execute the API tests in Postman / Newman and find the bugs in the API!
      • Log the bugs you found
  • Part 3 – Java/Python Object-oriented (OO)
    • Core Java/Python
    • Intro to Object Oriented (OO) programming
      • Constructors
      • Encapsulation
      • Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
  • Part 4 – Selenium UI Automation (Java/Python)
    • Selenium UI Automation fundamentals
    • HTML + DOM (Document Object Model)
    • CSS Selectors (we will focus on CSS and use XPATH in a few scenarios)
    • XPATH Selectors
    • UI Automation – Java Projects
      • using Maven
      • using Gradle
    • We will explore UI Automation in other languages : C#, Python, GEB / Groovy, JavaScript
    • UI Automation Project work:
      • Automate the UI flows of several well-known public websites and Automation School provided websites
        • Amazon
        • Twitter
        • Other Automation School provided websites (
  • Part 5 – Mobile Automation with Appium

Do less manual testing!

Course Schedule Information – Next Batch Starting Soon

Weekly schedule:

  • Weekends and Weekday evenings program – Online remote (zoom)

    • Saturday  11-1 pm or 2:30-4:30 pm PST
    • Sunday 11-1 pm or 2:30-4:30 pm PST
    • Wednesday Evening Office Hours
        • (Or, a different weekday, evening time, as necessary)
  • Assignments / Practice Exercises:

    • You will be given exercises and assignments to complete during and between classes.

Do more automated testing!

Selenium UI  + REST API Test Automation – Next Batch Starting Soon

  • Learn JavaScript, Java and automated API Testing using Postman / Newman or RestAssured
  • Learn Selenium UI Automation using Java, C#, Python, JavaScript
  • Learn Python, Python API Automation using Python Requests
  • Learn JavaScript based UI Automation
  • Learn Jenkins, Docker, Unit Testing – TestNG, JUnit
  • Learn GraphQL
  • Add your portfolio to your GitHub profile

Class size:  8-10

Great course to learn about test automation, Javascript, and coding fundamentals. Instructor is knowledgeable in the field and passionate about teaching. Highly recommended! ”

Annie Chen, Sr. QA Engineer