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Tic-tac-toe using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery in 7 steps – for beginners


Create a basic Tic-tac-toe in 7 steps - for absolute beginners This is a quick and dirty tic-tac-toe :) For absolute beginners to the web stack. This implementation of tic-tac-toe uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery in 7 steps. Download and see the final code in action Download the code from Automation School GitHub repo: tictactoe-basic-in-7-steps-for-absolute-beginners Go into the folder Step 7 Open the file game7.html in Chrome browser Start playing. To play again, just refresh the page in the browser and start again. Develop the code step by step in 7 steps Step 1 Using simple HTML, create a starter [...]

Tic-tac-toe using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery in 7 steps – for beginners2018-09-20T16:31:08-08:00

GIT – Super basic primer for beginners (part 1)


Scope and Objectives In this article, let's take a look at the basics of GIT - remote vs local, clone, commit, push & pull, pull request & approve/merge pull requests. If you don't understand 100% of this article, it is okay as this article is only meant as a high -level visual introduction of various GIT commands/activities: git clone git commit git push git pull request git approve and merge a pull request git pull Intended Audience This article is intended for beginner developers or QA automation engineers who have little or no prior knowledge of GIT. What's a GIT repository [...]

GIT – Super basic primer for beginners (part 1)2018-09-22T17:15:34-08:00